A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to your Planit! You are tasked with saving this tiny world from the impending climate disaster. Strategize how to do so by paying for support and research to convince everyone that things need to change before it's Game Over.

This is a game jam game for Climate Jam 2021


Mike Repici - Micreps Games - www.micreps.com

Game and Narrative Designer:

Steven Denisevicz - Bonsai LLC - www.boncreate.com


Nayaki Anandan - Artist - www.nayaki.work

Renee Teachout - https://www.artstation.com/glitchdbullseye

Renaldy R - https://gabutgaming.itch.io/


Rosko Vair - https://roskovair.itch.io/

Environmental Advisor and Researcher:

Nick Caldwell


Planit_V1.1.zip 160 MB
ClimateJam.dmg 953 MB


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Very very impressive game!


I really liked  the 3D planet dea to make a kind of board game. It's really fun ! Gameplay is rich and  this is a true solution.

Also, all of our team participated before this jam to another jam where the goal is to popularize a thesis subject around a university researcher. Looking at the thumbnail of your game it reminded me a bit of another from this gamejam, which deals with the pollution of satellite pieces !

if you people are curious : https://awesome-alex.itch.io/iaso

Then congrats!